Teacher Gifts

The time of year is coming… teacher gifts. Now wither you spend a little money to buy something, or your child(ren) are old enough to make a little something, letting your child’s teacher know that you appreciate the fact they just spent 10 months teaching your child is always a good idea.

So now comes the what? What should I get them? Well if your child is in a school like mine is… there are 12 teachers that she interacts with on any given day. Only 1 Kindergarten teacher, 1 Gym teacher and 1 Music teacher… but there are 9 others that help her with various activities, reading, science, field trips, etc. I have been struggling to determine wither or not I get all of the teachers the same thing, or do I get something a little more special for the Kindergarten teacher? I don’t want anyone to feel less important or left out but I am not an independently wealthy person that can afford to get each teacher a 10 dollar gift… that’s $120 dollars!

I’ve been looking around for various ideas (usually on pinterest) and there are some great ideas… for artistic people, for non-artistic people, for people who can buy gifts, for people who make gifts… its pretty extensive. I’ve assembled all my favourite picks here:¬†https://www.pinterest.com/nickib19/teacher-appreciation-gifts/

UntitledNow if buying is more your thing, Thirty-one gifts has some adorable baskets that you can get personalized with your teachers name!

For $25 you can get the Littles Carry-All Caddy personalized with an ‘Icon-it’ design. This one is shown in Topsy Turtle print. The great thing about this product is the handle, it is a very sturdy caddy that they can carry all their items in, or just leave as an accent to their desk!


Or for $22 you can get this fantastic ‘Oh Snaps’ Bin. It is a little smaller than the Caddy but perfect for pens and markers, treats and candy, or even just misc. lip chap and hand lotion!

Check out all the item’s that Thirty-One has to offer or order your Littles Carry-All Caddy and Oh-Snaps bins here:¬†https://www.mythirtyone.ca/2610047


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