Gift Basket for the Tween

BeFunky CollageEvery Christmas it is a struggle to come up with a gift idea for my nieces (I have 5 of them) 2 of the girls are older… 12 and 11 respectively… and then they range from 6-8. Of course the 12 & 11 yearolds are getting into teen things; make-up, hair, nail polish… the stereotypical girl things for this age and you want to know what the rest are in to? being like the 12 & 11 yearolds. So I run into this problem every year, I want everyone to get something that they want, while also staying age appropriate. The solution? Gift Baskets!

I found some great containers at Micheal’s… they look like paint cans but have a clear plastic body and a tin lid. They regularly go for $10 each; however if you go over a few days you can use your 50% off coupon to get them for $5. I also added a little silver ‘grass’ in the bottom to decorate the inside a little.

Next I had to assemble the insides…IMG_5293


I started this project in September, so that when I would find something on sale I would buy it and stick it in a box… this was an incredibly effective way to collect a bunch of small items the girls would like for a good price.

The older girls ended up with:

  • A small make-up case
  • Sheer glitter eyeshadow
  • Sephora lip balm
  • Sephora blush in a light coral
  • Sephora sheer eyeshadow in a light pink
  • Glitter body lotion
  • Mabelline Lip gloss
  • Clear mascara
  • Blush & Eyeshadow Brushes
  • Bath bomb
  • Headbands
  • Goody hair elastics (that double as bracelets)
  • Bracelet

The total for all of this came to $40! All because I wasn’t in a rush to buy anything and was able to only buy stuff on sale.


For the younger girls I tried to keep it similar to the older girls, but a little more age appropreate

  • Small make-up bag
  • 3 different lip balms (Mabelline, Rimmel, Body Shop)
  • Nail polish
  • Nail art pen
  • Nail art stickers
  • Head Bands
  • Hair ties
  • 2 sets of earrings
  • Glitter body lotion
  • Hair Clips
  • Bath Bomb

These baskets came in a little cheaper (mainly due to the lack of Sephora items) but they still looked just as full (if not fuller) and really wow’d the girls.

I would definitely say that these baskets were a great hit for both the girls and the parents… and I was happy that I was able to get everyone (almost) the same thing (so there were no fights and unhappy faces) without having to break the bank!



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