Pinterest DIY

IMG_5749As an avid ‘pinterester’ (is that what we call ourselves?) I finally decided to try a DIY craft project… transforming a diaper box into a decorative basket.

Now, I have about 10 diaper boxes stacking up (the pleasures of a new born who likes to poop…all the time) and because I am such a dreamer (or hoarder) I told my husband not to recycle them because I was determined to use them and help organize our house.

After completing this project… I will say that it was extremely easy, however I did end up spending more money than I wanted to in order to get the supplies that I wanted. For future baskets (because I definitely will be doing this again) I will just use fabric and ribbon that I have laying around the house.

The Project:


  • 1x Diaper Box
  • Ribbon of choice (or burlap as I have done)
  • Rope


1.) So I started by cutting the top folds off (the part that you rip open to get the diapers out in the first place).

2.) I attached the first part of the ribbon at a corner of the box with a glue gun and then spread the glue along the top of the box, pressing the ribbon down as I went.

3.) Once I finished with the ribbon, I began attaching the rope. I started the rope at the same corner as I did the ribbon, right on the bottom of the ribbon and began spreading glue, and then pressing down the rope as I went, going all the way around the box multiple times before finishing at the bottom.

4.) Done! Super easy and only took about 15 minutes to make šŸ™‚




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