Gift Basket for the Tween

BeFunky CollageEvery Christmas it is a struggle to come up with a gift idea for my nieces (I have 5 of them) 2 of the girls are older… 12 and 11 respectively… and then they range from 6-8. Of course the 12 & 11 yearolds are getting into teen things; make-up, hair, nail polish… the stereotypical girl things for this age and you want to know what the rest are in to? being like the 12 & 11 yearolds. So I run into this problem every year, I want everyone to get something that they want, while also staying age appropriate. The solution? Gift Baskets!

I found some great containers at Micheal’s… they look like paint cans but have a clear plastic body and a tin lid. They regularly go for $10 each; however if you go over a few days you can use your 50% off coupon to get them for $5. I also added a little silver ‘grass’ in the bottom to decorate the inside a little.

Next I had to assemble the insides…IMG_5293


I started this project in September, so that when I would find something on sale I would buy it and stick it in a box… this was an incredibly effective way to collect a bunch of small items the girls would like for a good price.

The older girls ended up with:

  • A small make-up case
  • Sheer glitter eyeshadow
  • Sephora lip balm
  • Sephora blush in a light coral
  • Sephora sheer eyeshadow in a light pink
  • Glitter body lotion
  • Mabelline Lip gloss
  • Clear mascara
  • Blush & Eyeshadow Brushes
  • Bath bomb
  • Headbands
  • Goody hair elastics (that double as bracelets)
  • Bracelet

The total for all of this came to $40! All because I wasn’t in a rush to buy anything and was able to only buy stuff on sale.


For the younger girls I tried to keep it similar to the older girls, but a little more age appropreate

  • Small make-up bag
  • 3 different lip balms (Mabelline, Rimmel, Body Shop)
  • Nail polish
  • Nail art pen
  • Nail art stickers
  • Head Bands
  • Hair ties
  • 2 sets of earrings
  • Glitter body lotion
  • Hair Clips
  • Bath Bomb

These baskets came in a little cheaper (mainly due to the lack of Sephora items) but they still looked just as full (if not fuller) and really wow’d the girls.

I would definitely say that these baskets were a great hit for both the girls and the parents… and I was happy that I was able to get everyone (almost) the same thing (so there were no fights and unhappy faces) without having to break the bank!



Thirty-One Diaper Bag

As a second time Mom I have come to appreciate a good quality and well organized diaper bag. Now some might say: “Why do you need a diaper bag at all? Just toss some diapers and wipes in your purse and you are good.” While yes, I am sure that works for some… I’ve been there… standing in the middle of the shopping mall thinking ‘Crap! I have band-aids at home… but not here in my purse’ so I have to go buy some because I need them right then and there… same can be said for snacks, hand wipes, a spare outfit, extra soother, burp cloth, the list goes on and on.

So when the news came that I was expecting again, I just happened to come across a Thirty One Ad that their ‘New Day Tote’ was 50% off when you spend $40… so naturally I happily spent my $40 dollars and got my beautifully striped diaper bag (along with a few smaller zippered pouches that I bought for the $40 dollars haha).

IMG_5720The ‘New Day Tote’ from Thirty-One Gifts has a great front pocket that is perfect for my wallet, cell phone and car keys. There are 2 outside side pockets that easily fit 2 baby bottles each (or a water bottle), an inside zipper pocket (great for those personal feminine products that you sort of need when out and about… but don’t need your husband going through when he takes the kid out to the grocery store), and several smaller inside pockets great for burp cloths, change pad, Kleenex, and you know… everything else you may need/want/think is a good idea. The best part about this bag? Completely Wipe-able! It doesn’t matter how dirty the car is that I rub up against, or that it sat on the floor of my house and got covered in dog hair… the bag cleans so easily that it always looks brand new!

IMG_5722So what did I spend my $40 on? I got two ‘Zipper Pouches’, One for the spare outfit that is always a must and one that is perfect for storing diapers, wipes and diaper cream. This way I can easily pass the bag to my husband when we are out and he can go change our little bundle without lugging my diaper bag/purse with him, but he also doesn’t have to juggle carrying everything loose. Next I got this fabulous ‘Cool Clip Thermal’ it’s great for keeping breast milk cool and a juice box or two for my older child. I can clip it to the side of the bag or just place it inside my bag… both work and are just as functional.

All in all I definitely give the ‘New Day Tote’ a 5 out of 5 stars as an excellent diaper bag choice! As an added bonus… they come in some pretty awesome designs! If you are looking to order one of your own, check them out here:

Pinterest DIY

IMG_5749As an avid ‘pinterester’ (is that what we call ourselves?) I finally decided to try a DIY craft project… transforming a diaper box into a decorative basket.

Now, I have about 10 diaper boxes stacking up (the pleasures of a new born who likes to poop…all the time) and because I am such a dreamer (or hoarder) I told my husband not to recycle them because I was determined to use them and help organize our house.

After completing this project… I will say that it was extremely easy, however I did end up spending more money than I wanted to in order to get the supplies that I wanted. For future baskets (because I definitely will be doing this again) I will just use fabric and ribbon that I have laying around the house.

The Project:


  • 1x Diaper Box
  • Ribbon of choice (or burlap as I have done)
  • Rope


1.) So I started by cutting the top folds off (the part that you rip open to get the diapers out in the first place).

2.) I attached the first part of the ribbon at a corner of the box with a glue gun and then spread the glue along the top of the box, pressing the ribbon down as I went.

3.) Once I finished with the ribbon, I began attaching the rope. I started the rope at the same corner as I did the ribbon, right on the bottom of the ribbon and began spreading glue, and then pressing down the rope as I went, going all the way around the box multiple times before finishing at the bottom.

4.) Done! Super easy and only took about 15 minutes to make 🙂



Teacher Gifts

The time of year is coming… teacher gifts. Now wither you spend a little money to buy something, or your child(ren) are old enough to make a little something, letting your child’s teacher know that you appreciate the fact they just spent 10 months teaching your child is always a good idea.

So now comes the what? What should I get them? Well if your child is in a school like mine is… there are 12 teachers that she interacts with on any given day. Only 1 Kindergarten teacher, 1 Gym teacher and 1 Music teacher… but there are 9 others that help her with various activities, reading, science, field trips, etc. I have been struggling to determine wither or not I get all of the teachers the same thing, or do I get something a little more special for the Kindergarten teacher? I don’t want anyone to feel less important or left out but I am not an independently wealthy person that can afford to get each teacher a 10 dollar gift… that’s $120 dollars!

I’ve been looking around for various ideas (usually on pinterest) and there are some great ideas… for artistic people, for non-artistic people, for people who can buy gifts, for people who make gifts… its pretty extensive. I’ve assembled all my favourite picks here:

UntitledNow if buying is more your thing, Thirty-one gifts has some adorable baskets that you can get personalized with your teachers name!

For $25 you can get the Littles Carry-All Caddy personalized with an ‘Icon-it’ design. This one is shown in Topsy Turtle print. The great thing about this product is the handle, it is a very sturdy caddy that they can carry all their items in, or just leave as an accent to their desk!


Or for $22 you can get this fantastic ‘Oh Snaps’ Bin. It is a little smaller than the Caddy but perfect for pens and markers, treats and candy, or even just misc. lip chap and hand lotion!

Check out all the item’s that Thirty-One has to offer or order your Littles Carry-All Caddy and Oh-Snaps bins here:


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